Monday, 7 January 2008

Mexuar Corraleta™ Solutions

Mexuar Communications Ltd is a software development company that specialises in Web & Softphone, click-to-talk technology and bespoke communication applications. These are the tools you will need to bridge the gap when communicating between the internet and telecommunications.

Corraleta™ Technology
Corraleta™ enables you to embed a customised solution whether click-to-talk or a Softphone into web and software applications. You can initiate a call using a PC and a standard web browser and make a ‘live’ call in under 10 seconds. The call is initiated and carried through VoIP (a call over the internet) and there are options to divert to a landline or call centre.

Corraleta is supplied as a Java (Sun Microsystems) applet which enables you to talk through any standard web browser. Whether Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera and is platform independent so you can use PC, Mac or Linux OS. platform independent so compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux.

Available now from Mexuar:

Corraleta™ Connect - a click-to-talk solution ready to be deployed to your telephony server complete with administration tools.
Corraleta™ SDK Technology - a development kit enabling you to skin your own web based phone, communication tools and customise a click-to-talk solution.

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