Thursday, 23 October 2008

Mexuar Corraleta™ is compatible with the Second Life® World

‘Mexuar Communications Ltd is a mixed media company that specialises in developing and delivering communication tools and programs. These are the tools you will need to bridge the gap between your applications, the internet and telecommunications’

Everyday we see an increase in the number of networking, social and dating sites. Many already have a communication tool built-in, the predominant one being IM (Instant Messaging), but wouldn’t it be more natural to integrate ‘speech’ for your communications as we all have something to say!

Mexuar’s Corraleta is a Java technology applet that sits on a communication server that is so tiny you can initiate a voice call through your web browser within 10 secs. At only 125kb you can communicate without router and firewall issues.

Corraleta technology is browser based, its platform independent, there is no software to install and is used to make VoIP calls – these can be free calls - or you can break out landline and mobile connections.

One of our clients was looking for a way to communicate virtually through the Second Life® World and by using this platform an ‘Audio Hotspot’ would enable natural ‘speech’ communications rather than text. They designed a bar area and we looked at the best way of initiating the communications.

It was decided that when an avatar (a graphical representation of a person) walked into the bar area and sat on a bar stool Corraleta would become active. When there were 5 avatars sat on bar stools they would all be able to speak to each other.

This can also be extended into private chat areas and for businesses requiring confidential communications in meeting and conference rooms.

Charles Woods, Mexuar Sales and Marketing Director said ‘Second Life is a very well known virtual world. More companies are building meeting places, bars, virtual offices and conference rooms and they will all need to communicate’ he continued ‘Corraleta delivers real-time, person-to-person speech and is a natural voice communication tool for virtual and social networks’.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Telecomabmex deploys Mexuar's Corraleta for C2T, Audio Conferencing and Radio Interview solutions

Today, 12th September 2008, Telecomunicaciones Abiertas De Mexico SA DE CV (Telecomabmex) Mexico, have announced a new range of VoIP products and services. The new C2T (click to talk) service enables their customers to call sales and service companies from their desktop or mobile PC.

A web browser based audio conferencing solution is available for companies wishing to make an instant conference call. Finally the same Corraleta™ voice technology is being used for mobile radio interviews.

The technology is developed by Mexuar under the Corraleta™ brand name. It is a platform independent application built around the Asterisk open source telephony engine and running on the Java Virtual Machine. By using a standard web browser and broadband connection users can dial the softphone and make a ‘live’ call in under 10 seconds. The call is initiated and carried through VoIP and can break out to standard PBX servers.

The click to talk solution is ideal for e-commerce businesses enabling the call centre to view the context of the call and identify from several pages the products the customer wishes to purchase. Not only is there the opportunity to upsell but also to make sure the customer is buying the right type of product.

Audio conference calls are initiated in a similar way. Simply open the company website and enter your user name and password when prompted. This page then becomes an active audio conference room on your PC! Many users can access the same page from their desktop PC, laptop or even mobile/cell phone. The calls are very low and in some cases free when using VoIP services.

Charles Woods, Mexuar’s global sales and marketing director, says: “Corraleta uses Java technology, the softphone requires no downloads, simply click and the call is initiated within 10 seconds. You can customise and brand your own solution, it’s a very powerful tool in bridging the internet and telecommunications.”

Juan Carlo Fenandez-Busto, Telecomabmex Director of Operations and Systems, comments: “We have added a button to our website & emails then within seconds our clients can chat with us from any PC. All you need is a broadband internet connection and headset or simple PC microphone and speakers.”

He adds: “Our applications will help increase the customers web expeience. By implementing our solution a sales representative is available to any web surfer in just one click. In conjunction with a resident application we can open a window in the sales representatives browser and they can see the page you were viewing when you pressed the ‘Call Me’ button. Our solution is also used as a contact mechanism by our clients and as a way to enable remote interviewing in the Radio Industry.”

Friday, 29 August 2008

Mexuar Corraleta - Designing a keypad with IVR and DTMF

During 2007/8 we issued a number of press releases describing how Corraleta is used by our customers and several questions have been raised… ‘Can I add a keypad with IVR and DTMF?’... ‘Can I develop a click to talk solution?’… ‘Can I add you solution to my social networking site?’… ‘I want my customers to reach me wherever I go, how do I do that?’

Let’s take a look at the first and probably one of the most popular question; ‘Can I add a keypad with IVR and DTMF?’… the answer is of course ‘Yes, you can’.

Most of you are familiar with the terminology but for those that are not here is a brief explanation of what we are talking about. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) presents an audio menu to the caller, in our case it accepts a touch-tone (DTMF) keypad selection and provides responses in the form of voice prompts.

So when you see the keypad in your web browser a voice prompts ‘press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts’ etc. This type of solution is commonly used by banks, credit card companies, utility service and survey companies.

Lavalife introduced an adult chat line ( that does exactly this. A keypad was designed and by using Corraleta they were able to create a full functioning pad to route calls to the right type of service. Click the following to see the Lavalife press release for more information.

You can easily test this by using the Faceless.html supplied with Corraleta (see the screenshot). Then by applying your html skills you can create a keypad and hey presto you have a working solution. Why not test this for yourself? You will need some knowledge of Asterisk, html and java. Send us an email request for ‘Corraleta 30 day demo licence.’

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Mexuar Launches Low-Cost, Licence Management Solution

A new solution for software development companies to monitor who, when and how many clients are using licensed software.

Mexuar Communications is today launching Corraleta Vela-LMS, a low-cost solution for software development companies, enabling them to monitor the use of distributed licences.

With increasing frequency of software piracy and unauthorised use of software, Corraleta Vela-LMS is able to monitor and generate a report showing where, when and by whom it was used.

Charles Woods, Mexuar’s Sales & Marketing Director, comments: ‘When you grant a software licence the user does not own the software but has the use of it, as detailed in the terms and conditions of the licence’. He continues, ‘Corraleta Vela-LMS will help prevent unauthorised use and will protect the developers’ licensing scheme and intellectual property rights’.

‘Software developers need protection and by facilitating them with the provision of a product such as Corraleta Vela-LMS they will be encouraged to continue developing future products and return profit for their business.’

How does it work? When a developer or vendor supplies software to their customer a licence is created and stored in the database. When the customer comes to use the software a component is retrieved from the vendor’s server after checking the licence database and delivered to the application. The component retrieval can be set each day or periodically by the developer/vendor.

Corraleta Vela is available for purchase now for £199.00 +VAT.

To purchase Corraleta Vela-LMS contact Charles Woods

+44 (0)161 866 0028

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Walmeric Soluciones in Madrid have launched a new C2T (click to talk) hosted service for companies wishing to add voice to their e-commerce web sites and shopping portals. They chose Mexuar’s Corraleta technology ( for reliability, quality and ease of use.

Corraleta is a platform independent application built around the Asterisk open source telephony engine and running on the Java Virtual Machine. Using a standard web browser and broadband connection, users dial the softphone and make a ‘live’ call in under 10 seconds. The call is initiated and carried through VoIP and can break out to standard PBX servers.

The system is highly secure: there is no software to install, thereby avoiding viruses; no ports are opened which could lead to firewall issues; and no routing takes place via unknown PCs or servers. Correlata uses IAX protocol, resulting in a tiny footprint of only 125kb for click-to-talk applications, and with easy NAT router and firewall transition. It also uses less bandwidth than Sip.

Walmeric supply their C2T solution within 10 minutes of the client paying for the service online. The client is supplied a softphone in the form of a customised ‘Call Us’ button and the dialplan is routed through Wamerics call service. The client can then deploy the ‘Call Us’ button on their shopping site or web portal.

Charles Woods, Mexuar’s global sales and marketing director, says: “Corraleta uses Java technology and, by developing a softphone application, it’s a powerful tool in bridging the internet and telecommunications. Walmerics solution enables the customer to easily add a C2T solution on the web site taking minutes to deploy rather than days. In today’s competive market it’s an extremely effective solution”

He adds: “Our applications support web users interacting directly with customer service agents and are proven to boost sales and overall service - especially in higher-value sales transactions. Corraleta delivers Click-To-Talk 2.0 for businesses, enabling them to quickly deploy platform neutral applications that bring significant cost savings.”

Antonio Moragues, Walmeric’s Managing Director of communications, comments: “Mexuar’s Corraleta technology is flexible and from the tests we made has the best audio quality. Our solution enables the customer to buy ‘On Demand’ and they are not tied into lengthy contracts. This is ideal for businesses that need to budget. Our customers can use C2T within minutes. There is also no need to download large software programs. It’s quick and easy to use, simply click to buy and click to talk – all in 10minutes!’

Mexuar Communications are currently developing their next generation click to talk and VoIP technology solutions. To be the first to know about these why not subscribe to our blog area or contact Charles Woods, Sales & Marketing Dir. on +44 (0)161 866 0028

About Walmeric:
A leading provider of new technology solutions for the Internet and
Telecommunications. For futher information contact

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Corraleta™ CRM Email Click-to-Talk “Proof of Concept”

Our second “Proof of Concept” article takes a look at how you can talk through current CRM solutions using Mexuar's Corraleta™ Connect.

This is an innovative solution that enables rapid deployment of VoIP Click-to-Talk applications for online businesses.

With Corraleta, any website visitor can use their standard web browser and PC to make free VoIP calls to talk to sales or support staff in the company’s contact centre simply by clicking a naked URL or hyperlinked object on a company’s web page.

Now you can take this a stage further and implement the same free VoIP call from your emails!

When you receive an email from a vendor simply click on the link or object (Call Us button) and your call will be connected in under 10 secs. There is no need to download software, the java technology communication applet from Mexuar is so tiny at 125kb enabling you to push a call through the firewall. These calls are pure IP from the web browser to the customer contact centre PBX and are free, irrespective of the location of the caller or contact centre.

An outbound email can now entice customers to ‘Call Us’. In this Traction Corraleta Proof of Concept we actually inserted dynamically generated URL’s so that when a call was placed, the inbound caller was identified and a screen pop up produced.

Mexuar have successfully communicated via emails using Traction™, Salesforce™, Constant Contact™ and Outlook®.

For further information about integrating Corraleta™ Connect within your CRM applications contact

Friday, 4 April 2008

Talk through Microsoft Outlook® email using Mexuar’s Corraleta™ Java applet.

This is the first part of a series ‘Proof of Concept’ articles showing how you can use Mexuar’s Corraleta Java communication applet. Let’s look at the product in more detail, the functionality, how to add CTT (click-to-talk) in your Microsoft Outlook® emails.

First let me explain the difference between both Corraleta Technology products:

Mexuar Corraleta™ Technology SDK is a software development kit enabling you to skin your own web based phone, communication tools and click-to-talk solutions.

Mexuar Corraleta™ Connect is a click-to-talk solution ready to be deployed to your telephony server complete with administration tools. This product was developed using Corraleta SDK.

We will talk about Corraleta™ SDK at a later date and show you where it is used and how easy developers can integrate Mexuar’s Java technology. This article will cover Corraleta™ Connect which was designed and developed using SDK.

Mexuar’s Corraleta™ Connect allows your customers or work colleagues to speak to you by simply clicking on a call button integrated in your application. Let’s first take a look at the functionality, then how embed the call button in your emails. Then you can experience talking through your emails as there is a demo sample available for you to try.

Remember, Corraleta is a unique VoIP implementation, meaning the calls are made using a web browser and internet connection. So calls PC to PC and PC to VoIP phones are free. You can have calls directed to your regular desk phone – without revealing your number - or to your mobile when you are away from your desk.

Corraleta™ Connect – Design Elements
  • Select a style colour and size for how you want the button to appear

  • Add the company contact details which will be displayed when your office is closed

  • Insert your company logo into the pop up window for corporate identity

Corraleta™ Connect – Call Configuration

The following can be preset using the administration tools:

  • Calls - can be made PC to PC, PC to Desk Phone, PC to Mobile using a headset or USB handset

  • Call divert - to a temporary or regional office number

  • Voicemail – Divert calls to your existing answering service

  • Email – After the voice prompt leave a message which will be sent to your email as a .wav or .gsm voice file. Playback the voice files in standard software products such as Windows Media® Player or Apple iTunes® and if you’re mobile on your Smartphone such as a Blackberry®

  • Call Back – when your customer enters their landline number their call is connected immediately

  • Maximum Call Duration - set a limit on call back to reduce time/costs

  • Round Robin your calls when busy – ideal for sales office campaigns

  • Call Centre – divert calls between offices and call centres during high peak times

  • Agent Groups – create groups for sales or service for effective customer response
  • Opening Times – specify the times of each day which calls can be routed

  • Opening Exceptions – edit you local, national holidays and special opening hours

Once the design elements and configuration have been entered via Corraleta Connects administration tools a snippet is produced. What is a snippet? and what do I do with it?

Corraleta™ Connect Snippet

Here is a sample of the snippet Mexuar uses for customers to contact me directly:

Copy and paste the snippet into your HTML program. We used NVU™ and when viewed in normal mode you are able to copy and paste the ‘Call Us’ button into your Microsoft Outlook® signature. The button is identical to the one used in this blog.

What does your customer see?

Your customer will see an email with a ‘Call Us’ button embedded. When they click it a pop up window opens giving them the option to call you if they have a headset connected. Or alternatively if they don’t have a headset they can enter their landline telephone number for a call back.

How can you test this?

Send me an email with ‘Connect Mail’ in the subject field and we will send you a mail with the ‘Call Us’ button embedded:

You can then click on the button and speak to me in the office. We are in the UK and our office hours are 9am-5pm GMT. If you would like to set up a specific time to test this please let me know.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Call or email me for further details Office DDI +44 (0)161 866 0028We will add a series of demonstration modules to our blog spot make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed.

Microsoft, Outlook and Windows Media are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Apple and iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Talk through your applications using Mexuar’s Corraleta™ Java applet.

In 2006 Mexuar launched Corraleta Technology SDK to developers and integrators already experienced in using Asterisk (open source telephony software). Corraleta was met with a number of rival products, but there are a number of reasons why we are ahead of our competitors in the commercial market. This document will explain what we do, how we do it and also how you can take advantage of internet communications.

There is an acceptance of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) the ability to talk over the internet and with a growing demand for Presence and Unified communications many businesses will need these types of programs to remain successful in their already busy and competitive markets.

Mexuar provide a wide range of services and combined with our knowledge of bridging both the internet and telecommunications, we have some very powerful tools that can be integrated into your existing software or even produce a customised solution specific to your business.

Since we are the software developers we have been asked to assist in deploying solutions at every level. With this in mind our services and solutions extended to the point where we now offer turn key solutions for the customers’ specific requirements. The services we offer are as follows:

· Consultancy
· Documentation
· Programming
· Development
· Design elements
· Integration to existing systems
· Telephony Server
· Installation

Why should you consider Mexuar’s technology?
Let me explain. The most frustrating part of communicating via the internet is that you have to download software, there are many version changes and it takes an age to get connected. When you eventually get online the quality is poor or the communication simply drops out. After downloading a program 20/30Mb it’s an extremely disappointing experience. This is providing you can get through the Firewall and NAT router.

So how do we compare?
Corraleta Technology works in an entirely different way. The main element used to communicate is a Java technology applet. The applet sits on a telephony server, using Asterisk, when you click on the button in the web page or CRM solution you can make a call in under 10 secs. There is no need to download software as the applet is only 125kb! It’s so tiny it can negate the Firewall and NAT router.

Okay, now I’ve given you a taste for the technology let me explain more about Corraleta and how it can be used with applications available today.

· Mexuar Corraleta™ Technology SDK is a software development kit enabling you to skin your own web based phone, communication tools and click-to-talk solutions.

· Mexuar Corraleta™ Connect is a click-to-talk solution ready to be deployed to your telephony server complete with administration tools. This product was developed using Corraleta SDK.

Let's take a look at both of these products in more detail.

Mexuar Corraleta™ Technology SDK allows open source telephony integrators and Asterisk developers to implement “Click-to-Talk” applications.

Deployment of click-to-talk functionality can be implemented on the website of any size of business. With this feature, any website visitor can use their web browser and PC to make free calls and talk with sales or support staff in the company’s contact centre.

The Corraleta™ Technology SDK takes users from a web page to a VoIP call with a live customer service agent within 10 seconds. These calls are pure IP from the web browser to the customer contact centre PBX and are free, irrespective of the location of the caller or contact centre.

The Corraleta-developed application can be used to initiate port 4569 IAX2 calls to the contact centre via a button on a web page using just their headset and microphone, or can trigger a callback from the contact centre to the user’s chosen telephone.

Application examples include sales and support services for online ecommerce websites, emails embedded with click to call functionality and pay-per-call online banner advertising.

Corraleta™ SDK uses Java technology to deliver VoIP across multiple browsers and 3rd party white label applications, providing tight, platform-agnostic integration between traditional phone systems and core business applications, whether on the company internal network or on the Web. The applet is only 125kb, so downloads in a couple of seconds. This contrasts with rival solutions that use ActiveX® and work only with Windows® platforms and the Internet Explorer® browser.

So what does all this mean in plain language?
Mexuar's Corraleta Technology SDK will enable open source installers to configure Asterisk to accept IAX2 calls from any webpage using any browser with Java 1.4 and above

There is no client or configuration required by the website viewer, it’s Click to Call in 10 seconds or less. Take a look at the Corraleta Connect flash demo This type of solution can be created for ecommerce or supplied on a telephony server i.e. Corraleta Connect.

Should the website viewer not have a headset or mic a “two legged outbound call” can be initiated. (e.g. like “Google ads”)

How can you benefit and profit using Corraleta?

• The benefit of using Click to call connectivity is the ability to offer low cost and in some cases ‘free’ calls attracting more customers to use your services.

• A Mexuar licence is charged per IP address not per seat, keeping the cost down.

• Which of the major players have a Java technology applet with the same functionality? Ayava, NEC, Nortel, Cisco?
As New Presence enters the market there are software vendors that can take advantage of implementing a Corraleta type application.

• Corraleta can be used in many applications as Java technology opens up so many opportunities:
· Web page for e-commerce and online purchasing
· Click to talk through email such as Microsoft Outlook®
· Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
· Click to call from a banner for internet advertisers
· Webphone Application, Worldwide calls via your web browser
· Presence enables you to communicate efficiently
· Unified Communications
· Audio Conferencing via your company’s website
· Social Network & Dating sites
· Virtual sites such as Second Life®
· Webphone on a USB stick

We will publish a series of customers using our applications soon at Make sure you sign up to our RSS feed.

• If you are a Telco why not buy or rent a hosted solution and offer Click to talk to your clients. Here’s a great example of a service currently in use in Spain

• Finally, for all the developers out there, why not build a 3rd party white label application using the Mexuar Corraleta SDK as the underlying technology. Aloha Tone deployed a solution in Hawaii, here’s a link to the overview and TV News coverage:
KNHL Hawaii© Video feed, KNHL Hawaii© Web review

How can you see a demonstration?

You can check out our client's site. Here you will experience automated recordings, DTMF and a full functional Webphone keypad

We will add a series of demonstration modules to our blog spot make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed.

How can you test Corraleta?

For developers and integrators we have a Mexuar Corraleta SDK 30 day trial licence available. There is a small charge for this however if you purchase within a reasonable time we will refund this fee. Email me for further details:

Alternatively you can plug in your headset and test Corraleta Connect now. Well, you can if you call between 9am-5pm GMT, click on the link below and speak to me. This was developed using Corraleta Technology SDK

How is the Mexuar Corraleta SDK licensed?

Mexuar have a real simple model the licence is Per Asterisk Server (it’s tied to the external IP address of your Asterisk server when you order the licence), apart from this however there are no restrictions. Call or email me for further details Office DDI +44 (0)161 866 0028Don’t forget to sign up for our RSS feed and make our blog your favourite

Monday, 7 January 2008

Mexuar Corraleta™ Solutions

Mexuar Communications Ltd is a software development company that specialises in Web & Softphone, click-to-talk technology and bespoke communication applications. These are the tools you will need to bridge the gap when communicating between the internet and telecommunications.

Corraleta™ Technology
Corraleta™ enables you to embed a customised solution whether click-to-talk or a Softphone into web and software applications. You can initiate a call using a PC and a standard web browser and make a ‘live’ call in under 10 seconds. The call is initiated and carried through VoIP (a call over the internet) and there are options to divert to a landline or call centre.

Corraleta is supplied as a Java (Sun Microsystems) applet which enables you to talk through any standard web browser. Whether Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera and is platform independent so you can use PC, Mac or Linux OS. platform independent so compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux.

Available now from Mexuar:

Corraleta™ Connect - a click-to-talk solution ready to be deployed to your telephony server complete with administration tools.
Corraleta™ SDK Technology - a development kit enabling you to skin your own web based phone, communication tools and customise a click-to-talk solution.

For further details contact