Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Corraleta™ CRM Email Click-to-Talk “Proof of Concept”

Our second “Proof of Concept” article takes a look at how you can talk through current CRM solutions using Mexuar's Corraleta™ Connect.

This is an innovative solution that enables rapid deployment of VoIP Click-to-Talk applications for online businesses.

With Corraleta, any website visitor can use their standard web browser and PC to make free VoIP calls to talk to sales or support staff in the company’s contact centre simply by clicking a naked URL or hyperlinked object on a company’s web page.

Now you can take this a stage further and implement the same free VoIP call from your emails!

When you receive an email from a vendor simply click on the link or object (Call Us button) and your call will be connected in under 10 secs. There is no need to download software, the java technology communication applet from Mexuar is so tiny at 125kb enabling you to push a call through the firewall. These calls are pure IP from the web browser to the customer contact centre PBX and are free, irrespective of the location of the caller or contact centre.

An outbound email can now entice customers to ‘Call Us’. In this Traction Corraleta Proof of Concept we actually inserted dynamically generated URL’s so that when a call was placed, the inbound caller was identified and a screen pop up produced.

Mexuar have successfully communicated via emails using Traction™, Salesforce™, Constant Contact™ and Outlook®.

For further information about integrating Corraleta™ Connect within your CRM applications contact