Friday, 4 April 2008

Talk through Microsoft Outlook® email using Mexuar’s Corraleta™ Java applet.

This is the first part of a series ‘Proof of Concept’ articles showing how you can use Mexuar’s Corraleta Java communication applet. Let’s look at the product in more detail, the functionality, how to add CTT (click-to-talk) in your Microsoft Outlook® emails.

First let me explain the difference between both Corraleta Technology products:

Mexuar Corraleta™ Technology SDK is a software development kit enabling you to skin your own web based phone, communication tools and click-to-talk solutions.

Mexuar Corraleta™ Connect is a click-to-talk solution ready to be deployed to your telephony server complete with administration tools. This product was developed using Corraleta SDK.

We will talk about Corraleta™ SDK at a later date and show you where it is used and how easy developers can integrate Mexuar’s Java technology. This article will cover Corraleta™ Connect which was designed and developed using SDK.

Mexuar’s Corraleta™ Connect allows your customers or work colleagues to speak to you by simply clicking on a call button integrated in your application. Let’s first take a look at the functionality, then how embed the call button in your emails. Then you can experience talking through your emails as there is a demo sample available for you to try.

Remember, Corraleta is a unique VoIP implementation, meaning the calls are made using a web browser and internet connection. So calls PC to PC and PC to VoIP phones are free. You can have calls directed to your regular desk phone – without revealing your number - or to your mobile when you are away from your desk.

Corraleta™ Connect – Design Elements
  • Select a style colour and size for how you want the button to appear

  • Add the company contact details which will be displayed when your office is closed

  • Insert your company logo into the pop up window for corporate identity

Corraleta™ Connect – Call Configuration

The following can be preset using the administration tools:

  • Calls - can be made PC to PC, PC to Desk Phone, PC to Mobile using a headset or USB handset

  • Call divert - to a temporary or regional office number

  • Voicemail – Divert calls to your existing answering service

  • Email – After the voice prompt leave a message which will be sent to your email as a .wav or .gsm voice file. Playback the voice files in standard software products such as Windows Media® Player or Apple iTunes® and if you’re mobile on your Smartphone such as a Blackberry®

  • Call Back – when your customer enters their landline number their call is connected immediately

  • Maximum Call Duration - set a limit on call back to reduce time/costs

  • Round Robin your calls when busy – ideal for sales office campaigns

  • Call Centre – divert calls between offices and call centres during high peak times

  • Agent Groups – create groups for sales or service for effective customer response
  • Opening Times – specify the times of each day which calls can be routed

  • Opening Exceptions – edit you local, national holidays and special opening hours

Once the design elements and configuration have been entered via Corraleta Connects administration tools a snippet is produced. What is a snippet? and what do I do with it?

Corraleta™ Connect Snippet

Here is a sample of the snippet Mexuar uses for customers to contact me directly:

Copy and paste the snippet into your HTML program. We used NVU™ and when viewed in normal mode you are able to copy and paste the ‘Call Us’ button into your Microsoft Outlook® signature. The button is identical to the one used in this blog.

What does your customer see?

Your customer will see an email with a ‘Call Us’ button embedded. When they click it a pop up window opens giving them the option to call you if they have a headset connected. Or alternatively if they don’t have a headset they can enter their landline telephone number for a call back.

How can you test this?

Send me an email with ‘Connect Mail’ in the subject field and we will send you a mail with the ‘Call Us’ button embedded:

You can then click on the button and speak to me in the office. We are in the UK and our office hours are 9am-5pm GMT. If you would like to set up a specific time to test this please let me know.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Call or email me for further details Office DDI +44 (0)161 866 0028We will add a series of demonstration modules to our blog spot make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed.

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