Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Walmeric Soluciones in Madrid have launched a new C2T (click to talk) hosted service for companies wishing to add voice to their e-commerce web sites and shopping portals. They chose Mexuar’s Corraleta technology (http://www.mexuar.com/) for reliability, quality and ease of use.

Corraleta is a platform independent application built around the Asterisk open source telephony engine and running on the Java Virtual Machine. Using a standard web browser and broadband connection, users dial the softphone and make a ‘live’ call in under 10 seconds. The call is initiated and carried through VoIP and can break out to standard PBX servers.

The system is highly secure: there is no software to install, thereby avoiding viruses; no ports are opened which could lead to firewall issues; and no routing takes place via unknown PCs or servers. Correlata uses IAX protocol, resulting in a tiny footprint of only 125kb for click-to-talk applications, and with easy NAT router and firewall transition. It also uses less bandwidth than Sip.

Walmeric supply their C2T solution within 10 minutes of the client paying for the service online. The client is supplied a softphone in the form of a customised ‘Call Us’ button and the dialplan is routed through Wamerics call service. The client can then deploy the ‘Call Us’ button on their shopping site or web portal.

Charles Woods, Mexuar’s global sales and marketing director, says: “Corraleta uses Java technology and, by developing a softphone application, it’s a powerful tool in bridging the internet and telecommunications. Walmerics solution enables the customer to easily add a C2T solution on the web site taking minutes to deploy rather than days. In today’s competive market it’s an extremely effective solution”

He adds: “Our applications support web users interacting directly with customer service agents and are proven to boost sales and overall service - especially in higher-value sales transactions. Corraleta delivers Click-To-Talk 2.0 for businesses, enabling them to quickly deploy platform neutral applications that bring significant cost savings.”

Antonio Moragues, Walmeric’s Managing Director of communications, comments: “Mexuar’s Corraleta technology is flexible and from the tests we made has the best audio quality. Our solution enables the customer to buy ‘On Demand’ and they are not tied into lengthy contracts. This is ideal for businesses that need to budget. Our customers can use C2T within minutes. There is also no need to download large software programs. It’s quick and easy to use, simply click to buy and click to talk – all in 10minutes!’

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