Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Mexuar Launches Low-Cost, Licence Management Solution

A new solution for software development companies to monitor who, when and how many clients are using licensed software.

Mexuar Communications is today launching Corraleta Vela-LMS, a low-cost solution for software development companies, enabling them to monitor the use of distributed licences.

With increasing frequency of software piracy and unauthorised use of software, Corraleta Vela-LMS is able to monitor and generate a report showing where, when and by whom it was used.

Charles Woods, Mexuar’s Sales & Marketing Director, comments: ‘When you grant a software licence the user does not own the software but has the use of it, as detailed in the terms and conditions of the licence’. He continues, ‘Corraleta Vela-LMS will help prevent unauthorised use and will protect the developers’ licensing scheme and intellectual property rights’.

‘Software developers need protection and by facilitating them with the provision of a product such as Corraleta Vela-LMS they will be encouraged to continue developing future products and return profit for their business.’

How does it work? When a developer or vendor supplies software to their customer a licence is created and stored in the database. When the customer comes to use the software a component is retrieved from the vendor’s server after checking the licence database and delivered to the application. The component retrieval can be set each day or periodically by the developer/vendor.

Corraleta Vela is available for purchase now for £199.00 +VAT.

To purchase Corraleta Vela-LMS contact Charles Woods

+44 (0)161 866 0028 charles@mexuar.com