Friday, 29 August 2008

Mexuar Corraleta - Designing a keypad with IVR and DTMF

During 2007/8 we issued a number of press releases describing how Corraleta is used by our customers and several questions have been raised… ‘Can I add a keypad with IVR and DTMF?’... ‘Can I develop a click to talk solution?’… ‘Can I add you solution to my social networking site?’… ‘I want my customers to reach me wherever I go, how do I do that?’

Let’s take a look at the first and probably one of the most popular question; ‘Can I add a keypad with IVR and DTMF?’… the answer is of course ‘Yes, you can’.

Most of you are familiar with the terminology but for those that are not here is a brief explanation of what we are talking about. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) presents an audio menu to the caller, in our case it accepts a touch-tone (DTMF) keypad selection and provides responses in the form of voice prompts.

So when you see the keypad in your web browser a voice prompts ‘press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts’ etc. This type of solution is commonly used by banks, credit card companies, utility service and survey companies.

Lavalife introduced an adult chat line ( that does exactly this. A keypad was designed and by using Corraleta they were able to create a full functioning pad to route calls to the right type of service. Click the following to see the Lavalife press release for more information.

You can easily test this by using the Faceless.html supplied with Corraleta (see the screenshot). Then by applying your html skills you can create a keypad and hey presto you have a working solution. Why not test this for yourself? You will need some knowledge of Asterisk, html and java. Send us an email request for ‘Corraleta 30 day demo licence.’