Friday, 12 September 2008

Telecomabmex deploys Mexuar's Corraleta for C2T, Audio Conferencing and Radio Interview solutions

Today, 12th September 2008, Telecomunicaciones Abiertas De Mexico SA DE CV (Telecomabmex) Mexico, have announced a new range of VoIP products and services. The new C2T (click to talk) service enables their customers to call sales and service companies from their desktop or mobile PC.

A web browser based audio conferencing solution is available for companies wishing to make an instant conference call. Finally the same Corraleta™ voice technology is being used for mobile radio interviews.

The technology is developed by Mexuar under the Corraleta™ brand name. It is a platform independent application built around the Asterisk open source telephony engine and running on the Java Virtual Machine. By using a standard web browser and broadband connection users can dial the softphone and make a ‘live’ call in under 10 seconds. The call is initiated and carried through VoIP and can break out to standard PBX servers.

The click to talk solution is ideal for e-commerce businesses enabling the call centre to view the context of the call and identify from several pages the products the customer wishes to purchase. Not only is there the opportunity to upsell but also to make sure the customer is buying the right type of product.

Audio conference calls are initiated in a similar way. Simply open the company website and enter your user name and password when prompted. This page then becomes an active audio conference room on your PC! Many users can access the same page from their desktop PC, laptop or even mobile/cell phone. The calls are very low and in some cases free when using VoIP services.

Charles Woods, Mexuar’s global sales and marketing director, says: “Corraleta uses Java technology, the softphone requires no downloads, simply click and the call is initiated within 10 seconds. You can customise and brand your own solution, it’s a very powerful tool in bridging the internet and telecommunications.”

Juan Carlo Fenandez-Busto, Telecomabmex Director of Operations and Systems, comments: “We have added a button to our website & emails then within seconds our clients can chat with us from any PC. All you need is a broadband internet connection and headset or simple PC microphone and speakers.”

He adds: “Our applications will help increase the customers web expeience. By implementing our solution a sales representative is available to any web surfer in just one click. In conjunction with a resident application we can open a window in the sales representatives browser and they can see the page you were viewing when you pressed the ‘Call Me’ button. Our solution is also used as a contact mechanism by our clients and as a way to enable remote interviewing in the Radio Industry.”